Claim & Fee Comparison Facts

  • The Billing Company has less than 2% of claims rejected on 1st submission.
  • Payment averages on claims processed by The Billing Company can be as low as 14 days.
  • Clients receive immediate electronic notification of a claim problem from The Billing Company.
  • The Billing Company fees are competitive and affordable and are tailored to your practice type and the services you select.

Did you know?

  • Physicians spend 3 weeks per year on average dealing with billing issues when they bill themselves…. And their nurses spend on average 23 weeks per year on billing issues.
  • Undercoding can cost the average physician practice “Millions” per year in lost reimbursements.
  • The average fully-burdened cost of a certified coder is $53,700 /year. However, we don’t pay our coders anywhere near that amount and we pass those savings along to you.
  • Source: Physicians Practice, February, 2010
Limited Time Availability     on these Great Rates!
  • 3.00% General A/R Billing
  • 1.375% Municipal (Muni Special!)
  • Free! (w/ Muni) Ambulance
  • Free! (w/ Muni) Fire
  • 1.25% Accounts Collections
  • Transportation Billing (Ask Us!)


Don’t let thousands of dollars go unclaimed or denied in your practice this year!
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