The Billing Company has the ability to:

  • INCREASE reimbursement dollars
  • RELIEVE stress from your front desk
  • IMPROVE cash flow by speeding claims
  • DECREASE accounts receivables
  • ELIMINATE billing obstacles
  • PROVIDE enrollment & credentialing services
  • INCREASE your office efficiency

Oversee Electronic Claim Submission

  • Claims sent electronically to 1,000+ carriers
  • Monitor Progress Reports
  • Review any rejected claims

Schedule Your Appointments

  • Color-code your appointment types
  • Organize with up to 99 column headings
  • Vary appointment duration by 5 minutes
  • Utilize search routines and pop-up calendars
  • Collect and record co-pays at patient check-in

Insightful Analytics

Our unparalleled analytics allow us to provide you with information, insights and advice regarding your surgery center or surgical practice so that you can make informed and intelligent business decisions.

Select & Choose Online Services that suit your practice:

  • Verify Patient Insurance Eligibility Online
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Many Others

View Your Practice Information

  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance payments
  • Account balances
  • Practice analysis reports
  • Reports customized for your practice

Automate Your Medical Records

  • We use CCHIT 08 Certified Solution
  • Enter progress notes with customizable templates
  • Review historical patient data (tests, medications and progress notes)
  • Order your labs online
  • Write and send your scripts electronically
  • Check drug interactions from your desktop

If your business is swamped with various functions, The Billing Company can immediately provide you the assistance you need.

Do you and your staff find yourselves overwhelmed with your billing?
Are you spending more time with billing problems than with your patients?
Are your receivables getting out of hand?
Is your office inundated by patient calls regarding billing questions?
Would you like to free up your medical staff to deal with your patient’s health and not their billing problems?